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According to Leland the itinerant, Croston was a market town in the reign of Henry VIII.; and near the centre of the village there is still the base of an ancient cross, which very probably may have occasioned it to be designated Cross-Town. A wake, which lasts three days, commences here on the first Monday after the Feast of St. Michael; and a cattle fair is held annually on the Monday preceding Shrove-Tuesday.

The township contains 2205a. 3r. 8p., belonging chiefly to Sir Thomas de Trafford, and Thomas Norris, Esq., who are also lords of the manor. Each holds a court baron here every alternate year in May, the former at the Grapes Inn, and the latter at the Lord Nelson. Mr. Norris purchased his moiety of the manor about 1825, from the Rev. Streynsham Master, who bought it of Sir Thomas Dalrymple Hesketh, of Rufford, Bart., whose ancestor married Monica Ashton; and the de Trafford portion came to that family by the marriage of John Trafford, the fourth son of Sir Cecil Trafford, of Trafford, Knight, to Anne Ashton, the other co­heiress of that family. The township is rated at £4909 13s. 5d., and is intersected by the East Lancashire Railway, which has a station near the village. In 1799 an act of Parliament was passed, by which Commissioners were appointed to drain the low lands of Croston, Mawdesley, Rufford, Tarleton, and Bretherton, out of a fund to be raised by a rate on the landowners and tenantry; but an act for the enclosure of Croston common was passed in 1728. Near Finney House and the East Lancashire line of Railway is a mineral spring, said to possess medicinal properties.

Croston Hall, now occupied by John Randolphus de Trafford, Esq., is a lofty building, erected on the site of the old hall, which was built in the 17th century. It is seated among trees on the east side of the village, and in one of its wings is a Catholic chapel. The Rectory is a stately edifice, coeval with the old hall Croston Lodge is another good residence in this township.


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