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Power Looms.—The spirit of improvement was next directed to the weaving department, and did not rest till that operation too, was performed by machinery. In 1785, a power loom, which may be considered аз the paremt of that now in use, was invented by the Rev. Dr. Cartwright. Many others were subsequently in­vented, but that which has now come into general use, was invented by Mr. H. Horrocks, of Stockport, in 1803, and is constructed entirely of iron.

It is a neat, compact, and simple machine, moving with great rapidity, and occupying so small a space, that several hundreds may be worked in a single room of a large factory. “ Horrocks, sharing the common destiny of inventors, failed and sunk into poverty.” His looms came so slowly into favour, that in 1813, there, were not more than 2,400 of them in use ; but in 1820, the number of power looms in England and Scotland had increased to 14,150; and in 1830, to 60,000; and in 1836 to about 100,000.

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