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Chorley, the only market town in the hundred of Leyland, occupies an elevated situation near the centre of the county, 9 miles S.S.E. of Preston, 8 miles 1ST. by E. of Wigan, 11 miles S.W. of Blackburn, 11 miles N.W. of Bolton, 22 miles N.W. of Man­chester, and 208 miles N.W. by N. of London. “The name of this town,” says Mr. Baines, “ is obviously derived from the stream by which it is watered, and is supposed to be a Saxon compound of Ckor and ley, ‘ The Field of the Chor.’ ” About the year 1549, Leland, the antiquary, says, “ Chorle is a wonderful poore, or rather no market;” and upwards of a hundred years after, Bloome says, “ Chorley is seated near the spring head of a brook or rivulet, called the Chor, not far from the river Yarrow ; it is but a small town, yet its market, which is on Tuesday, is well furnished with yam and provisions.” About eighty years ago the town is described as consisting of only “ one short, narrow, and irregular street, with a shop built across it,” but now it contains several streets, and many good shops and private dweHings ; and cotton spinning and manufacturing is carried on very extensiveley both in the town and neighbourhood. In the parish are also considerable bleaching works, and it abounds in mines of coal, which are extensively worked. The Leeds and Liverpool canal runs within a mile of the town, and joins the Lancaster canal a little to the south of Whittle le-Woods. The town possesses also the great advantages of rail­way communication to Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Preston, Lancaster, &c. The cotton manufacture was first intro­duced into Chorley in the year 1660, but spinning mills had not begun to be erected here till 1790. ————-


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