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Asbestos Services

Some of our hazardous commercial asbestos removal services include: Removal of all forms of asbestos-containing material Removal and remediation of soil containing asbestos Site deconstruction services For many years, asbestos was used extensively in the construction of houses. It is found commonly in floor tiles, decorative textured coatings and garage roofs. Even though most types of asbestos was banned in the 1980s, chrysotile asbestos continued to be used in home construction till 1999. Although asbestos is relatively harmless if it remains in an undisturbed and undamaged state, if you are planning to carry out any renovation or refurbishment work in your domestic properties or home, it is crucial to carry out a comprehensive survey of the site. If the presence of asbestos is detected, you need to let the experts take care of the asbestos removal and disposal. You can contact us to get an obligation-free quote.

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Asbestos Services Greater Manchester




Asbestos Removal Greater Manchester

Your one-stop destination for safe asbestos removal and disposal in Manchester and other areas in Greater Manchester.


Garage Removal Greater Manchester

Our team specialises in removing old asbestos garages, asbestos corrugated roofs, sheds, drain pipes, boiler flues and so on.


Asbestos Survey Greater Manchester

We are fast and quick in our services of asbestos removal, collection, and encapsulation. We have gained repute and fame by our dedication to our job. 


Air testing

Asbestos fibers in air are generally tested by one of two methods, either PCM (phase contrast microscopy) or TEM (transmission electron microscopy)



We will also help you to reinstall the belongings which were removed from their place in order to remove Asbestos.


Finish works

After all ACBM in the work area has been removed and all work area surfaces have been fully cleaned with wet methods and HEPA vacuuming