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Asbestos Services in Greater Manchester

Asbestos Services

Asbestos Removal Great Manchester

Air testing in Greater Manchester

We use research labs accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for asbestos analyses (UKAS). ACMs found during one of the most recent asbestos survey will be managed in conformity with the requirements. Asbestos marking and safe asbestos control could be among the guidelines. Once those suggestions have been established, the asbestos certificate can be modified.

Re-inspection of asbestos surveys

To continue assessing ACMs discovered during the appraisal, assessment surveys should be followed up with re-inspections every 12 months. The asbestos registration can be kept in this manner. ACMs discovered during the survey must be added to the asbestos enrolment on a yearly basis to ensure their safe leadership. Surveys for reconstruction and dismantlement

A destructive inspection may be required to connect all areas in a demolition and remodelling survey. ACMs are identified in any position where repair, general upkeep, or demolition work is being performed.

All ACMs should be removable to the fullest extent practicable prior to major repairs, minor remodels, and final demolition, according to CAR 2012 (regulation 7). Design experts bidding on the work may be required to file an asbestos assessment in order to address asbestos risks.


Great Manchester

Asbestos Services


Asbestos Removal

Your one-stop destination for safe asbestos removal and disposal in Manchester and other areas in Greater Manchester.


Garage Removal

Our team specialises in removing old asbestos garages, asbestos corrugated roofs, sheds, drain pipes, boiler flues and so on.


Asbestos Survey

We are fast and quick in our services of asbestos removal, collection, and encapsulation. We have gained repute and fame by our dedication to our job. 


Air testing

Asbestos fibers in air are generally tested by one of two methods, either PCM (phase contrast microscopy) or TEM (transmission electron microscopy)



We will also help you to reinstall the belongings which were removed from their place in order to remove Asbestos.


Finish works

After all ACBM in the work area has been removed and all work area surfaces have been fully cleaned with wet methods and HEPA vacuuming



Asbestos surveys are classified into three types

RJS Waste Management offers asbestos surveys in the following formats:

  • Questionnaires for asbestos management
  • Asbestos re-inspection surveys
  • Surveys on renovation and demolition

A competent observer must accomplish an asbestos management survey as well as an overall upkeep, repair, and destabilisation survey when a building is reconstructed, altered, or demolished. Asbestos safety checks are also performed on an as-needed basis. Asbestos management surveys Asbestos management includes conducting asbestos surveys to determine the presence of asbestos, its location, and the best ways to mitigate. Asbestos can be hazardous when used in commercial and industrial maintenance and operation. Asbestos Contaminated Material (ACM) test results and analysis are commonly included in such tests. These investigations, on the other hand, are less upsetting than a survey of demolitions and remodels.

Asbestos in Domestic Building